Celebrate Heritage Month by Visiting These Historical Johannesburg Locations

Celebrate Heritage Month by Visiting These Historical Johannesburg Locations

September is a special month.  It’s tourism month, and it’s also national heritage month.  That means plenty of people coming from across Johannesburg, South Africa, and even from all over the world to celebrate our unique culture. When they aren’t looking for cheap motels in Kempton Park, they’ll be wanting great historical locations and heritage sites to visit, so they can soak in our rich history. 

Here are just a few of our favorite places to see!

Four Great Historical and Cultural Sights Around Johannesburg

1. The Kliptown Open Air Museum 

Located in the heart of Soweto, in its oldest residential district, the Kliptown Open Air Museum is a monument to the creation of the Freedom Charter.  The story of thousands of people who contributed to its writing is laid out throughout the lovely museum grounds, utilizing photographs, authentic audio recordings, and more!  It’s the perfect place to learn about this chapter of our national history.

2. Credo Mutwa Cultural Village

The Cultural Village was created by artist and author Credo Mutwa, a combination art project and historical site dedicated to celebrating traditional African culture.  Between its traditional-style dwellings, you can see sculptures and hear stories of the old days.  It’s a lovely place to visit, and to learn fascinating folklore!

3. The Johannesburg Art Gallery

The JAG is the largest art gallery on the continent – even bigger than the National Art Gallery in Cape Town!  With 15 exhibition halls and showcase gardens, more than 9,000 pieces of South African art are preserved here.  The collection ranges from the ancient to the colonial to the modern, guaranteeing that there are exhibitions to fascinate anyone, no matter their interests.

4. Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden

Want to get out of the city, and enjoy some wildlife?  The Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden is the perfect destination!  With nearly 300ha of both natural and landscaped areas, you can take in more than 600 local plant species, alongside an amazing 220 documented bird species.  It’s a great way to escape the city for a day and relax while taking in South Africa’s natural wonders.

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