It takes something special for a business to keep its doors open for a quarter century, especially in a rapidly evolving and competitive industry like hospitality. We catch up with one of our directors – Joss du Trevou – to talk about Ecomotel’s journey.

Give us an idea of how Ecomotel as grown as a business

Ecomotel opened in 1997 as a 12-bedroom hotel in Isando. Today we have five hotels with over 180 rooms! Our American motel-style concept has evolved over the years to accommodate the changing needs of our guests. While our amenities remain simple, we maintain the highest standards, ensuring our guest experience is the same no matter which branch you visit. This saw us introduce standard operating procedures across all our hotels, and the automation of our processes wherever possible.

What has changed?

Our brand positioning has changed from being a purely price-driven product to an aspirational hotel brand. This saw our tag line change from “Now everyone can afford to stay at hotel”, to “A place for you”. We might be affordable, we might keep it simple, but you always get what you need, and you are always made to feel welcome when you visit any of our branches.

What has stayed the same?

We have always been a values-driven business. This means we place a big emphasis on our values when hiring staff, engaging with guests, or working as a team. As result, we have long-standing and loyal guests and staff who have been with us for many years.

Few businesses reach a 10-year anniversary, let alone 25 years, what is Ecomotel’s secret?

Being a family business, the on-going survival and continuity of the business is paramount. But mostly, we have stuck to our guns and kept the business model simple. It has been tempting over the years to change this, tweak that, make it better, make it different, but in the end, we know that keeping it simple is at the heart of what we do

How has Ecomotel has adapted over the years to stay relevant?

The one area we have seen a lot of change is in the use of on-line platforms. 25 years ago, we didn’t even have a website, Facebook has just launched! Now, more and more, we notice that social media platforms and on-line travel agents are key in getting the market to know about our brand, and to connect and engage with us.

What do you envision  for the next 25 years?

Our long-term vision for the business is to be the leading budget hotel chain in South Africa. We imagine a day when all South Africans believe Ecomotel offers the best value for money, hands down. We imagine a day when Ecomotel is easily accessible not just in Gauteng but across the country and neighbouring states. We imagine a day when staff recognise Ecomotel as the employer of choice in the hospitability industry.  We imagine a brand that is synonymous with the highest standards and the warmest welcome.


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Terms and Conditions 

*** PLEASE NOTE: Your reservation is only confirmed upon receipt of full payment. Failure to make full payment will result in the cancellation of the booking. ***

Reservation and Payment:

The reservation is only confirmed upon receipt of full payment.

Failure to make full payment by the required time will result in the cancellation of the booking.

Payment methods:

Payment methods accepted include online payment via our secure website, EFT, and card/cash at the branch.

Online and EFT payments must be made 48 hours prior to arrival, and proof of payment must be emailed to

Check-in and Check-out:

Check-in time is at 15:30 PM.

Check-out time is at 10:00 AM.

Early Check-in:

Avoid early check-in fees by purchasing an Express Room / Day Rate between the hours of 10 AM and 3 PM.

Motel Variations:

Please note that features and offerings may vary at different Ecomotel locations, resulting in varying prices per motel.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Ecomotel has a no refund policy unless your booking is made via an Online Travel Agent (OTA) such as Expedia,, Airbnb. In such cases, the OTA’s cancellation policy shall apply.

Ecomotel reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee in accordance with the OTA’s policy.

OTA Bookings:

Specific booking details for OTA reservations will be provided by the OTA themselves.

Ecomotel is not responsible for any mistakes or discrepancies made by the OTA, including cancellation fees.

Protection of Personal Information:

Ecomotel processes personal information in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act, No.4 of 2013, and additional data protection laws.

To learn more about how we handle your personal information, you may request to view our Privacy Policy by contacting our Information Officer at

Rate Changes:

Rates are subject to change based on availability without prior notice and at the sole discretion of Ecomotel.

Room Rates and Inclusions:

All rates quoted are per room per night, whether for single or shared occupancy.

Rates are for accommodation only (Room Only) unless otherwise specified.

VAT and Commissions:

All rates are nett and non-commissionable and include VAT.

Specials and Promotions:

Certain special promotions and rates may have their own terms and conditions, which will apply accordingly.

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