Celebrating The Festive Season The South African Way

Celebrating The Festive Season The South African Way

As South African’s we pride ourselves in our ability to come together and have a good celebration and rightfully so because as a country that endured years of segregation, we lost out on so much time to be united.

Living in a country so rich in diversity you can bet our holiday season is no different. The preparations leading up to the highly anticipated holiday of all and that being Christmas are fairly different yet all meaningful.

Christmas the Suburban way in SA

The suburban approach is more synonymous with the Christmas we see in movies which involves elaborate and bright decorations starting from the outside of the property to the inside of the house including the famous Christmas tree with Christmas presents all around it. Each family member wearing matching Christmas sweaters and the traditional turkey feast sees a south African twist in the form of what’s called a potjiekos which is translated as “small pot food” prepared outside on an open fire in a round cast iron (three legged pot) .

SA Culture - braai, BBQ, hand spicing meat

We all share a common tradition and that is a good old braai and no south African braai is ever complete without another tradition favourite great quality boerewors.

Holiday Season in the Township

 The township version also boasts its own unique set of traditions. However, there is often very little decorations if any at all as every cent is contributed towards having abundance of food. In African families this time of the year means that those who left the township to seek better job opportunities return to be a part of the festivities.

All the immediate and extended family members normally gather under one roof, with different members of the family coming in groups on the week of Christmas  with no debates about sleeping arrangements especially amongst the kids as there is unwritten rule that all adults get the bedrooms and all the children will turn the lounge and dining room to a sleeping area.

Christmas Day in Soweto

Festive season in Soweto, Children Excited

On Christmas day the children wake up bright and early in the excitement of showing their brand-new Christmas clothes around the neighbourhood. A seven-colour meal to rival all others is prepared and often there will be live chickens slaughtered as part of the celebration. True African style of ubuntu those less fortunate in the community are also welcomed to join in the feast.

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