There Is No Place Like Home

There Is No Place Like Home

It was not so long ago when I boarded my first ever international flight from the O.R. Tambo international Airport and jetting off to a country I’ve never set foot on. The idea of spending my days on the road and meeting new people was one becoming hard to resist by the second. To top it off, the VIP escort I received in Rwanda upon landing sealed the deal.

Experiencing different cultures and diversities

I was convinced that this is what dreams are made of and I was willing to start working towards making it a norm. So, I toured through the streets of Rwanda (and Uganda a few days later) learning the culture and heritage.

However, a few days into a life of meeting new friendly faces and trying out new food, an unfamiliar feeling creeped in – I was missing home. I did not realise how pointing a finger up to stop a taxi and shouting “short left” to jump off was such an integral part of my life. Suddenly, I could trade those new friendly faces for a Shoprite cashier asking “cheque or savings?” during a busy month end Saturday morning.

There is a lot to appreciate about Johannesburg

I have known Johannesburg all my life but I can assure you that it was after my trip that I came to appreciate this beautiful city more than ever before. We may not have elephants and lions running all over the place and disturbing traffic as it is assumed by Western nations, but our culture and diversity is enough to make our home one of the best places to be in the world.

Our history may not be written in many best sellers as we believe it deserves, but places like the O.R. Tambo International airport serve to remind us about our heritage. The Walter Sisulu Circle Garden unveiled in 2018 has the same duty of commemorating the heroes and keeping the history engraved in our hearts. Although I am not patriotic but I am always ready to brag about the beauty of our landscape.

Travel the City of Gold and stay with us

So, if you are not yet familiar with the beautiful corners of Johannesburg, make this your year to explore the beautiful city and don’t feel shy to stop at any of our motels because we make traveling affordable.

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