Things to Do Around Joburg to Relieve Mental Exhaustion

Things to Do Around Joburg to Relieve Mental Exhaustion

Every now and then we all seek an escape from reality. You know, days when we feel like neglecting our routines to release mental exhaustion. For some, we do that in instalments, we’ve setup routines which allow us the escape for at least one hour a day. These are moments we spend meditating in silence, reading a book, listening to music, you name it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with recalibrating, if anything we all need to every once in a while. If you are seeking an escape yourself then you are in luck because we have taken the time to list some of the hide outs and activities, you could take advantage of around Johannesburg.

If you have a dying fish in your hands, then probably putting it back into water would be a noble thing to do – especially if you want it to live a bit longer! The same rule applies to human beings. in fact Thinking Change couldn’t have said it better; “Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings.” So, if you are looking to get back to nature then the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens is probably one of your best bets – it’s been voted the best place to get back to nature in Gauteng for 9 years in a row after all.

Relieve mental exhaustion at the Johannesburg Art Gallery

Studies conducted by the University of Westminster in London has revealed that roaming an art gallery can reduce concentrations of cortisol – the stress hormone. In fact much like being outdoors, visiting an art gallery has been found to relieve mental exhaustion. These are just some of the many reason that make the Johannesburg Art Gallery the perfect place to escape.

Go for a horseback ride

Jump on a horse and disappear with the sunset. Horseback riding can improve your mental state, it is believed to raise levels of the mood-enhancing hormone serotonin. There are other benefits to horseback riding that contributes to why it is a great escape. However, don’t take my word for it, visit any of the stables around Johannesburg and thank us later.

Stop to refresh at Ecomotel

There are many other places you can take advantage of in and around Joburg to escape and recalibrate, and even if you run out of ideas, driving is one of them. Did you know; Driving can boost cognitive function, staving off conditions like dementia, but also halt the ageing process? Well now you know! Still on the interesting facts, it is worth mentioning that Ecomotel offers day “Quick Stops” between 10am and 3pm for people on the road who just need to refresh. So, if you are on and about, you can stop at Marlboro Motel or any of our motels and refresh.

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